Life At Steward

Steward offers great employment opportunities for people all over the world. At steward, a job is thought as a group of tasks rather than seen in the context of a place of work. Thus, we run a flexible job scheduling and our office hours are designed to fit around projects and task in a way to maximize employee skills, career goals, and personal situation.

Our Managers are trained to set goals carefully with individuals and teams, and to evaluate performance based on results, rather than the hours employees spends at their desks. The company employs a flexible open employment architecture that enables employees to do what it takes to get the job done, even in times of seasonal increased business loads.

Recruitment Philosophy

Our staffs are strictly engaged on a need-be-basis, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. In filling vacancies, priority is given to people with initiative, drive and excellent IT expertise. The company respects its community of workers and officers and treats all workers well. We manage and nurture the company as a community or as one big family.

Our recruitment is not based on religious beliefs, creed, political affiliation, race or colour, gender and body size. Instead, we are an equal opportunity employer and we hire based on competence, excellence-oriented, good-attitudes, discipline, self-drive among others.

Employee Commitments

Employees at our company are expected to be trustworthy and trusted. They are required to be enthusiastic, dedicated and support the company’s mission. Every employee and officer of the company is responsible for achieving the company’s goals and thus shares in the celebration, recognition, and rewards when those goals are achieved. We detest conflict of interest in whatever form it manifest itself and it’s a basis for summarily dismissal. We believe that to achieve excellence at all times, employees have to be dedicated, committed, disciplined, well trained and above all well rewarded.

That is why we uses a rigorous recruitment regime to hire the best and employ the very best in the world to trained our staff, and when all this is done, employees are placed on a salary scale that match the global investment banking salary structure. In short as an employee at Steward Capital in Ghana; your work and remuneration is no different from your colleagues from other markets and thus our expectation of our staff is no different from that of leading global giants.