Private Wealth Management

Steward private wealth management service encompasses a bouquet of premium services covering financial advisory, business consultancy, funds management, estate planning, retirement planning and range of other concierge services designed to give high net worth individual access to top notch investment banking, securities and advisory services from the comfort of their homes or offices, without visiting our office.

This service takes a holistic view of the management of the entire funds flow of clients. This includes planning for capital projects, acquisition of luxurious assets, venturing into business enterprises among others. Steward Private Wealth Clients are very strategic to our operations.

Our private wealth management services are ideal for high net worth individuals who require dynamic and personalized service.

Steward Private Wealth Management Service Philosophy is driven by the fact that, "It's not how much money a person makes today that matters; but how much money they keep, how hard it works for them, and how many generations they keep it for.

The goal of Steward Private wealth management services is to help clients preserve their capital and build wealth over time.

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