Security Issuance & Underwriting  

We work closely with companies that intends to issue new securities and assist public to buy such securities.

Once a company decide to raise capital by issuing new securities such as stocks and bonds, we come in to help with process of preparing documentation and doing all the necessary filings to ensure the successful issuance of such securities.

Steward Underwriting Team prepares all the financial models and valuation to determines the value and price of the security and underwrites the securities and onwardly sell the new securities.

Steward Capital underwriting services covers Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or any subsequent secondary public offerings, such as Bonus Issues, Rights Issues among others.

In terms of Bonds, we can issue new Bonds to retire old Bonds, albeit, to support the client to a maintain a seamless stream of operations and also help them minimize cost.

As part of our security issuance services, we help facilitate the trading of securities issued either on our own account and or dealing as agents for the investing public.