Our Business Overview

Steward Capital deliver high quality strategic advice and creative financing solutions to corporation, governments and high net worth individuals, to help clients make informed financial decisions and guarantee optimal returns. Our rich diversity of financial services covers Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities Trading, Asset (Funds) Management, Security Issuance & Underwriting, Risk Management Control, Private Equity and Equity Research. Learn more


Corporate Finance

We offer bespoke financial advice to senior management to help them track and analyze their capital flows and lead them to better understand how economic transaction affect their businesses and industries. Click here to learn more


Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise buyers and sellers on how to navigate the merger M&A process, covering negotiations, pricing, structuring, and integration post the M&A deal. Click here to learn more


Security Issuance & Underwriting

We assist client issue share and other securities by underwriting the securities on offer, albeit to guarantee clients their capital at the right time. Click here to learn more


Capital Raising (Debt & Equity) 

We act as middlemen between companies intending to issue new securities and investors who have surplus funds to invest. Click here to learn more


Asset Management

We manage diversified portfolio of financial assets for high net worth individuals, fund managers, corporations and insurance companies, offering unmatched services to clients. We ensure the wealth of clients is preserved, earning good returns for them. Click here to learn more


Securities & Trading

Steward Capital match up sellers of securities to buyers who are interested in acquiring such securities. Our trading services covers both listed and unlisted securities. Click here to learn more


Risk Management & Control. 

We provide risk management, financial control, treasury and cash management, strategy simulations, compliance audit, operations and technology services for clients. Learn more


Research & Publication

We undertake comprehensive research and analysis on companies and industries as well as regions to drive high performance. Our research covers fixed income securities, equities, industries, markets and economies. Click here to learn more


Private Equity

Our private equity services help provide critical equity finance for privately held companies, as well as private start-ups to help them grow then we exit. Click here to learn more